Lie Nielsen No. 4 Bronze Bench Plane

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Stanley Bedrock 605
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It seems like woodworking hand tools have become a second class set of tools in most shops. Power tools seem to have taken over every task that was once done using hand tools. While there is no question, power tools are very useful, I feel hand tools don't get the respect they deserve. I hope my hand tool reviews help you with your woodworking projects and increase your appreciation of hand tools.

You may notice that many of my reviews are favorable. I review my own tools that I've used over the years. If something is complete junk, I don't use it, therefore I don't review it.

Tool Reviews

Lie-Nielsen Shoulder Plane
Nicholson Patternmakers Rasp
Lie-Nielsen #4
Bessey Bar Clamps
Stanley Bailey #4
Stanley Bedrock #605
Stanley 53 Spokeshave
Stanley 151 Spokeshave
Dozuki Dovetail Saw
Starrett Combination Square
Two Cherries Chisel Set
Stanley No. 80 Scraper
Lie Nielsen Boggs Spokeshave
Lie Nielsen Small Bronze Spokeshave
Bessey K-Body Clamps

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Tool Reviews

Lie-Nielsen Shoulder Plane

Stanley No. 605 Jack Plane

Lie-Nielsen No. 4
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