Lie Nielsen No. 4 Bronze Bench Plane

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Lie-Nielsen No. 4 Smooth Plane

Body Material: Manganese Bronze
Length: 9 1/2"
Cutter Width: 2"
Price: $300
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This plane can be purchased in either ductile iron or manganese bronze I decided that even though the ductile iron No. 4 would be an amazing plane, I really wanted the manganese bronze version. In my humble opinion the major differences between the two are looks. Both are very nice planes. I just wanted at least one bronze plane in my collection. Can you really blame me.

When you first pick up this plane you notice the weight. It is no lightweight plane. The weight feels good. This is a smooth plane after all, not a block plane. When you compare this plane to the Stanley that it resembles you'll notice a few key differences. First, the overall quality is far superior. Second, the blade seems twice as thick. I do not expect this plane to ever chatter. Lastly, the mouth opening is much smaller than my Stanley planes. While my antique Stanleys do a nice job, this plane is in a league of its own. I've never used a Norris infill plane but I'd bet this plane feels almost as solid.

If there is one negative, it would have to be the price. At around $300 this is no cheap tool. Many of my power tools cost less that this plane. If I can buy a nice antique Stanley Bedrock Smoother for about a third the cost does this plane still make sense. If you are a collector, maybe not. However, if you plan on woodworking for a few decades using this quality tool may add additional enjoyment to your woodworking.

My wife gave me this beauty for a wedding gift. I only hope that she continues this tradition for our anniversary.

Overall Rating 5 out of 6.

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