Lie Nielsen No. 4 Bronze Bench Plane

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Stanley Bedrock 605
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Stanley has made some great old tools over the years. It is easy to become a collector and only collect antique Stanley tools since they have made such a variety of tools. However, not every Stanley tool meets the same high standard. I hope my tool reviews will help you save your woodworking dollars by learning from my mistakes.


Stanley No. 4 Smooth Plane

No. 4 Smooth Plane

The standard No. 4 smooth plane.

Stanley Bedrock 605

No. 605 Bedrock Jack

The jack of all trades.


Spokeshaves and Scrapers

Stanley 53 Spokeshave

Stanley No. 53

Adjustable mouth spokeshave.

Stanley 151 Spokeshave

Stanley 151

The standard modern Stanley spokeshave.

Stanley 80 Scraper

Stanley No. 80

The practical Stanley scraper.



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