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Set of 4 Two Cherries Chisels

Sizes: 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 26mm
Price: Around $110

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Two Cherries makes two different grades of chisels like these. Mine happen to be the "special" or the upplolished set. In Two Cherries lingo, that means they have milling marks on the blade. The main difference between the regular and the special is really the polishing of the blade. I guess there is a little difference in the handle but I don't think that is as significant as the blade.

The Blade
The blades on these chisels are said to be hardened to 62 on the Rockwell C scale. I certainly can't refute that claim. The chisels will definitely hold an edge. As I mentioned, my chisels are the "special" chisels so mine did not come polished. This may sound minor but it is more than just a cosmetic difference. The lack of polish on the blades forces the user to spend a great deal of time flattening the back of the chisel. These chisels come with rather noticeable milling marks. To produce a truly sharp edge you need a truly flat back not one with milling marks.
Milling Marks on Blade

If you're on a budget and really want to get the Two Cherries brand of chisels this is a nice set for a littl more than $100. However, I always feel I have use for a 1/4" (6mm). The smallest chisel is 10mm so I always feel I'm about one chisel short. I find the 10mm is my workhorse but every chisel is used frequently. Since I needed a 1/4" chisel I now have a nice box of 4 chisels and another chisel outside the box. If I had to do it over again I'd have gone with the bigger set of 6 to pick up the smaller chisel.

These are certainly a nice set of chisels. However, at this price I don't expect to be grinding off milling marks. For this reason these chisels get a 5.

Overall Rating 5 out of 6.

UPDATE: While I originally thought the milling marks were a problem. On my sharpening stones it took quite a bit of effort to remove the milling marks. However, I used the Worksharp WS3000 and remove the milling marks in no time. As a result, I found no real problem with the unpolished version.


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