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This woodworking site list is provided to help you located other woodworking information. If you own or operate a woodworking site please contact me if you are interested in becoming listed. All site will be reviewed prior to listings. Only site about or related to woodworking will be considered.


General Woodworking

Directory of Woodworking

Find Woodworking Schools


Retailers and Manufactuers

Thrifty Woodworker - Compare prices on woodworking tools.

Rockler - Good general woodworking selection. Power Tools - Good prices on power tools.

eBay! - A great place to buy vintage hand tools.

Highland Hardware - Great selection of hand tools.


Magazines Subscriptions

Woodworkers Journal

Fine Woodworking

Popular Woodworking



Handplane Central - A comprehensive source of handplane information.

Hock Blades - Great replacment blades to upgrade your plane.

Jon Zimmer's Antique Tools - Antique tool dealer selling vintage woodworking tools.

Lie-Nielsen - High quality planes.

Old Tool Heaven - Gary's informational site on old tools.

Old Tool Photos - Photos of antique tools.

The Rust Store - Prevent and remove rust from woodworking tools.


Plans and Project Ideas

Accents Woodcraft Designs - Free woodworking patterns PLUS woodcraft plans and patterns for scroll saw. - Online community for woodworking.

Benchnotes - Plans, jigs and information.

Binky's Woodworking - Lots of great project ideas.

Bob's Plans - Free Woodworking Plans.

Matt's Workshop - Many project ideas and plans.

Free Woodworking Plans & Furniture Projects - Hundreds of woodworking projects and wood plans.



Altered Wood- Bandsaw Boxes - Unique handcrafted jewelry boxes.

Andrew's Workshop - Woodworking information, tips and links.

Grampa's Workdshop - Woodworking projects, tips and information.

In The Woodshop - Howard Ruttan's informative woodworking site.

Jewelry Boxes by Boudreau - Hand crafted exotic wood boxes. - The Official Website of the Non-Professional Woodworker.

Joe's Wood Stuff - Hand Crafted Unique Wooden Gifts, Pens, Bottle Stoppers, Boxes, Shaving Brushes, Puzzles, and more.

Mark's Garage Shop - Pesonal woodworking site for Mark Spaulding.

The Saw Horse Workshop - Projects, safety tips and plans.

Song of the Great Lakes - Woodworker and Luthier

SteveWeb Woodworking - Woodworking projects and tool reviews.

Terry's Woodworking Site - Tool reviews and projects.

Wooden Innovations - Handcrafted jewelry boxes.


Wood Suppliers

Exotic Woods — Offering an array of high-quality exotic woods from around the world. - Pet blanks from Canada.

Workbench Tool Company - This is where I buy my lumber locally. They also sell woodworking supplies.


Home Construction

New Old Home - One family's experience building their home in the country.


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