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Bosch 1617EVSPK 2 1/4 HP Router

Motor: 12 Amp
Accessories: Plunge Router Base, Egde Guide
Price Paid: $229





When I purchased my Bosch 1617EVSPK a few years ago I looked at a few reviews and decided that this was the router for me. It had all the features I needed such as variable speed, multiple bases, good power, 1/4 and 1/2 collets, edge guide and soft start.

The motor has always done what I ask it to do. I don't run raised panel bits but I'm sure this would cut it just fine if you took light passes. The soft start feature is very helpful when I'm not using it in my router table. Overall, Bosch makes a router that is very nice to use.

The one problem I've found with this router is the housing (made of magnesium) will corrode. Magnesium is a very light metal with good heat dissipation characteristics, but obviously it has a tendency to corrode. I wish it was merely a cosmetic problem. Unfortunately, the corrosion is so bad that it makes it almost impossible to remove the router from the base or insert it back in the base. The last time I pulled this out of my router table I had to actually sand the body to get it into the plunge router base. That seems like a big problem to me.

(router news update 10/14/2004)

I just got back from a trade show where Bosch was exhibiting. I talked to one of the guys working the Bosch booth and he confirmed that this magnesium body has caused some people problems with corrosion. He said it was fixed on the newer ones, I don't have a newer one so I can't confirm that it is fixed. They look the same and are still made of magnesium so buyer beware. If you plan on putting this router in your basement, be careful. This is a real pain if you get the corrosion.

The friendly guy at the booth told me to call the Bosch 800 number. Well, I called it but now I have to send it in and wait about 10 days to get my router back. How frustrating, I've got a monster "honey do" list and I can't be without my router. I guess it could be worse, they are at least not charging me for the fix even though it is certainly past warranty.

Overall Rating 4 out of 6.


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