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Power tools have brought speed and accuracy to the small workshop. Even though I enjoy using hand tools, I don't deny that planing boards on my portable planer has saved me countless hours of hand planing. If a power tool can save you time, I say use them. The time savings can easily be applied to other areas of the project where power tools may not be useful.

All of these reviews are based on my personal experience with these tools. I rate my tools from 1 to 6. I use this rating scale because it doesn't allow for an average rating like a 3 out of 5 would allow. A 3 on my scale is slightly negative while a 4 is slightly positive. Very few tools see a 6 so don't let the review inflation of other sites scare you off. In my opinion a tool with a perfect rating better be perfect or darn close to it. In general, a tool rating a 4 or 5 is a good tool. A 3 or less suggests that you might want to look around some more before you put your hard earned money down. I have started to phase out the numerical reivew system and I'm replacing it with a more robust subjective review.


Power Tool Reviews

Worksharp WS3000 Sharpener
Powermatic 64A Table Saw
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Power Tool Reviews

Powermatic 64A

Bosch 2 1/4 HP Router

Porter Cable 12V Drill
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