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What are the sizes of the Stanely Bench planes?


The standard sizes of the Stanely bench planes are listed in the table below. When creating the list I found it interesting how the length of the planes are measured. On planes No. 4 and smaller, the length does not include the small metal bump created by the tote hanging off the back of the plane. On the No. 5 and larger planes the tote is well within the length of the plane so this is not a concern so the length is the full length of the plane.

Stanely Bench Plane Size Chart
Model Length Iron Width
No. 1 5 1/2" 1 1/4"
No. 2 7" 1 5/8"
No. 3 8" 1 3/4"
No. 4 9" 2"
No. 5 14" 2"
No 6 18" 2 3/8"
No. 7 22" 2 3/8"
No. 8 24" 2 5/8"
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