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Hardwood Information Chart

This hardwood lumber information chart was designed with the woodworker in mind. In addition to the normal facts and figures such as janka hardness, I've also added detailed pictures on each of the woods. These detailed pictures are taken of actual wood samples from my shop.

This list does not include every single hardwood. However, these are all woods that I've used so you are getting my opinions on these woods not just general wood facts. As I use different types of woods I'll continue to add more domestic and exotic hardwoods to this chart.

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Domestic Hardwoods

Wood Wood Hardness Price
Ash, White 1320 $
Basswood 410 $
Butternut 490 $
Cherry, Black 950 $$
Maple, Hard 1450 $$
Maple, Soft 999 $
Oak, Red 1290 $
Oak, White 1360 $
Sycamore, American 770 $
Walnut, Black 1010 $$

Exotic Hardwoods

Wood Wood Hardness Price
Bloodwood 3300 $$$
Lacewood 840 $$$
Padauk 1725 $$$
Purpleheart 2000 $$

Sheet Goods

Wood   Price
Baltic Birch   $$
Hardwood Plywood - Lumber Core   $$$
MDF   $
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