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Maple, Hard

Flat sawn unfinished hard maple.

Common Name: Maple, Hard

Alternative Names: rock maple, surgar maple

Botanical Name: Acer saccharum (Sugar maple)

Description: Hard maple is one of the nicer domestic hardwoods. The fine texture of this wood gives it a very nice look. Sometimes this wood will produce a curly grain. Curly hard maple is one of the most attractive woods I've used. However, be careful curly gain is prone to tearing out. Keep your tools sharp, this wood is very hard. Althogh similar in appearance to soft maple, it is roughly 50% harder.

Hardness: 1450

Price: $$
Wood Pricing Chart Scale ($= Under $5, $$ = Around $5 - $8, $$$ = Over $8)


Additional Images

Close-up of hard maple endgrain.


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