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Sycamore, American

Quarter sawn unfinished sycamore.

Common Name: Sycamore, American

Description: A nice piece of quartersawn sycamore is one of the better value in woodworking. The rays of the quartersawn board are more interesting than most figured woods costing many times more. This wood is said to be unstable. For that reason it has a bad reputatoin. If you know that while you're working you can use it sparingly with great visual appeal. I wouldn't make a tabletop out of the stuff but it may make a great secondary wood in the right project.

Hardness: 770

Price: $
Wood Pricing Chart Scale ($= Under $5, $$ = Around $5 - $8, $$$ = Over $8)


Additional Images

Cutting quartersawn sycamore pulls on the bandsaw.

Completed quartersawn sycamore pulls on bandsaw box.

Close-up of quartersawn sycamore.


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