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Great Gifts For Woodworkers

Forget about the argyle socks, skip the silly fish tie, give him a gift that will have him grinning from ear to ear. I put together a list of my favorites... gifts every woodworker will truly cherish. I’ve grouped them into four simple categories to help you shop and indicated my top pick in each category. These gifts will work for any occasion… Christmas, Father’s Day, birthday or just for the heck of it.

Power Tools

Top Pick
Bosch Router Kit - This kit is a great router value. I've always been happy with my Bosch router.
Panasonic Cordless Drill - If I was going to spoil myself with a drill, this would definitely be the one.
Skil Circular Saw - Every woodworker or home remodeler needs a quality circular saw.
Bosch Miter Saw - This miter saw may be too nice. It is on my own wish list.
Bosch Jig Saw - A nice saw at a reasonable price.
Delta 13" Planer - This planer is certainly on the heavy side to call it portable. I use mine for woodworking so it stays in my shop.

Hand Tools

Top Pick
Combination Square - This is the finest combination square made. It will provide accurate measurements for generations.
Lie Nielsen Smooth Plane - One of the finest tools ever made. Any woodworker would be proud to own this plane.
Two Cherries Chisels - Fine German chisels work for all nationalities.
Boggs Spokeshave - A superb spokeshave design by Brian Boggs.

Woodworking Books

Top Pick
Hand Tool Classics - This two book set is a real page turner. Two years ago I read both books cover to cover during my Christmas vacation.
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking - A great 3 book set for the beginning or advanced woodworker.
Art of Fine Tools - The information and photography would make any hand tool user drool. Some might even call this tool porn.
Bandsaw Handbook - If you have or plan on buying a bandsaw, this book is a superb investment. This book leaves nothing out, it is the most complete bandsaw book available.
Understanding Wood - A scientific approach to learning about wood. A must read for any serious woodworker.

Accessories and Other Gifts

Oval Branding IronsTop Pick
Branding Iron - Show off your work with a custom branding iron.
Bessey Clamps- The Bessey K-Body clamps are the top of the line woodworking clamp.
Evapo-Rust - Revive old rusty tools with a non-toxic rust remover.
Dust Collector Switch - The dust collector switch is practically a necessity for a dust collector owner.
Dust Collector - A dust collector keeps the dust in the shop contained for increased woodworking safety.

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Lie-Nielsen No. 4
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