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Bandsaw Box


Cherry Bandsaw Box

Woods: Cherry

Height: 8"
Width: 5"
Depth: 4"




I'd have to say that bandsaw boxes are the best use of cherry boards that are heavy in sap that I've ever seen. Because sapwood on a cherry boards is the rule rather than the exception, good wood for these boxes is rather easy to come by. If these darn boxes were only useful.

After finishing this box I decided to add some Suede-Tex to the interior. My choice of a light colored Suede-Tex turned out to be a bad idea. My poor color choice has unfortunately kept me away from the stuff ever since. From now on I'm just going to leave them bare wood on the inside. I've seen other boxes look very nice with the Suede-Tex but not mine.

This box is finished with an oil and varnish blend.

To learn how to make boxes like this, I suggest you purchase the book
Building Beautiful Boxes With Your Band Saw by Lois Keener Ventura. It has a number of different designs from very simple to very complex. This design is from her book.


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