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Pine Mirror

Wood: White Pine

Length: 36"
Height: 29"
Depth: 1 1/2"




I've made a number of these pine mirrors. If your house is done in an outdoor theme, these mirrors are a great project. This is one of the few projects that can actually be made of "Home Depot Wood". By this I mean that you can go buy 1x6 pine from your local home center. I've made these mirrors out of rough lumber and dimensioned lumber. If you have a planer go for the rough lumber. I found it very difficult to find dimensioned lumber that was dead flat. Since "one inch" lumber is already planed down to 3/4" there is little room to run the face of the board on the jointer or planer. If you don't have these tools just go through the entire stack to find the best boards. You will need at most two boards, so be picky.

The construction of this mirror can be done using either mortise and tenon or biscuit joinery. I used biscuit joinery for mine (hey it is a pine mirror not a museum piece). I used 1/8" hardboard to support the back of the mirror. Since this mirror is meant to hold coats I decided the put a hard maple cleat on the back that run almost the length of the mirror. Considering the abuse this mirror might receive I felt a little better having a strong wood like maple helping to support the very soft pine.

This mirror has a light stain and a poly finish.


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